Grey Owl was founded in 2011 by Earl Ameen, and he currently serves as CEO and Chief Strategist. Mr. Ameen has over 30 years of successful transaction management and entrepreneurial experience spanning from street vendor to board member, and a multitude of countries. Mr. Ameen is also a seasoned international Speaker, Mentor and Coach and Advisor who brings depth, insight and critical thinking to The Grey Owl Company's clients, that consistently produces outcomes that exceed traditional consultancy, but a higher level which we call "resultancy". 

Grey Owl brings a unique edge to transaction management and strategic planning by eliminating the term “impossibility” and exercising creative problem solving for virtually any situation in any industry. Grey Owl has worked with clients in banking, real estate, energy, commodities, advertising, film, music, aerospace, private equity, network marketing, finance, and technology. We approach each problem with fresh eyes and keen interest, partnered with decades of experience. 

Whatever the obstacle, it is not immovable.
Whatever the question, there is an answer.
Whatever the complication, there is attainable clarity. 

…This is how we create elegant solutions to complex challenges. 

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